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Mobile Homes for Sale in Florida

Discover Your Dream Mobile Home in Florida

Florida’s real estate market boasts a wide array of mobile homes, catering to various preferences and budgets. From cozy single-section units to spacious double-wides, our listings feature homes equipped with modern amenities and stylish designs. Explore the diverse options available, each promising a comfortable and convenient living experience.

Benefits of Owning a Mobile Home in Florida

  1. Affordability: Mobile homes in Florida often come with a more accessible price tag than traditional homes, making homeownership a reality for many.
  2. Location, Location, Location: Florida’s mobile home communities are strategically located, offering proximity to beaches, cultural attractions, and recreational facilities, ensuring an enriching lifestyle.
  3. Low Maintenance: Many mobile home communities provide maintenance services, allowing residents to enjoy a worry-free living experience. Spend more time exploring Florida’s offerings and less time on home upkeep.
  4. Community Living: Embrace the sense of community that mobile home parks in Florida foster. Engage in social activities, make new friends, and enjoy a vibrant community atmosphere.

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Why Choose Us?

We are your Go-To Mobile Home Broker and Manufactured Home Broker located in Parrish, Florida, helping all residents in Florida. At Integrity, we identified a critical need in the mobile home market – consistent quality and robust support for buyers. Specializing in leased land manufactured and mobile home resales, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Our inception was driven by a desire to revolutionize the land-lease home purchasing process, ensuring an elevated experience for you. But our dedication extends beyond just the buyers. We actively collaborate with sellers and engage with the 55+ communities across Florida. Choosing Integrity means more than just acquiring a home; it’s about securing a hassle-free, transparent, and trustworthy path to homeownership. With us, expect a seamless and straightforward journey to your new home, free from unexpected hurdles.

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Why Florida?

Current Market Trends

Discovering the allure of Florida as your potential new residence involves delving into various aspects that contribute to its appeal. Whether you’re drawn by the Sunshine State’s warm climate, diverse landscapes, or vibrant communities, there’s much to explore and consider.

One notable trend shaping Florida’s housing landscape is the rise of mobile home communities. These communities offer residents more than just a place to live; they foster a sense of community and provide shared amenities. Recently, there has been a growing demand for mobile homes, positioning them as an affordable and attractive alternative to traditional homeownership.

A key factor contributing to the attractiveness of mobile homes in Florida is their notable appreciation trend. Investing in areas with a history of property value appreciation can be wise. By keeping a keen eye on market trends and purchasing in an upward-trending market, you can experience a significant return on investment in the long run.

When considering a move to Florida, it’s essential to understand the financial landscape associated with purchasing a mobile home. Financing options play a crucial role in this decision-making process. Exploring various avenues such as personal loans, chattel loans, or mortgage loans tailored for mobile homes empowers you to make informed decisions and secure the best possible terms.


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We Can Help You Find a Mobile & Manufactured Home Anywhere In Florida

At Integrity, our exclusive focus is facilitating the purchase of land lease manufactured homes in the picturesque state of Florida. Known for its sun-soaked beaches and vibrant atmosphere, Florida offers an unparalleled lifestyle that we can seamlessly integrate into your ideal vacation or permanent residence.

Whether you’re seeking an affordable retirement option, a winter retreat, or simply a place to call home, we are your premier resource to guide you toward your desired destination. From turning your dream vacation into a daily reality to finding the perfect spot to settle down, Integrity is committed to making your housing aspirations a reality.

To ensure a successful purchase, we provide valuable tips that go beyond the mere transaction, emphasizing both the location and legal considerations:

Inspect Before You Invest:
Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mobile home before finalizing any deal. Our experts recommend scrutinizing structural integrity, plumbing, electrical systems, and the roof’s condition. A meticulous inspection not only aids in identifying potential issues but also empowers you to negotiate effectively or make an informed decision.

Negotiation Strategies:
Mastering the art of negotiation is paramount in the mobile home buying process. Be ready to negotiate the price, especially if the inspection reveals any issues. We suggest conducting research on comparable properties in the area, strengthening your bargaining position and ensuring a fair deal.

Community Amenities and Lifestyle:
If a mobile home community is on your radar, delve into the amenities and lifestyle it offers. Explore recreational facilities, security measures, and community events. Understanding the atmosphere of the community will enable you to determine if it aligns with your preferences and desired lifestyle.

By merging the allure of Florida’s sun, sand, and fun with our expert advice on successful mobile home purchases, Integrity aims to not only help you find a home but also to guide you through the legal landscape and practical considerations. Trust us to transform your housing dreams into a tangible reality in Florida’s vibrant and sought-after locations.

Locations: Parrish, Ellenton, Petersburg, Dade City, Davenport, Clearwater, Sarasota, Wimauma, Orlando, Tarpon Springs, North Fort Myers, Valrico, Venice, Lakeland, Zephyrhills, Largo, St Petersburg, Ruskin, Palmetto, Dover, Riverview, Tampa, Hudson, Pasco, Bradenton, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, New Port Richey, and Pinellas Park.

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Pick Integrity as Your Mobile Home Brokerage

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Integrity Mobile Home Brokerage redefines the mobile home sales industry by addressing the prevailing issues of inconsistency and inadequate guidance. Our mission is to elevate standards and provide buyers with a reliable, transparent experience. With a focus on professionalism and contractual safeguards, Integrity ensures a seamless process by collaborating with buyers, sellers, and chosen parks.

Embark on your journey of acquiring a mobile home in Florida with confidence, armed with the knowledge from this guide. Stay informed, conduct thorough research, and seize the unique opportunities that mobile home ownership in Florida presents. Your dream home awaits in the Sunshine State, where Integrity guarantees a trustworthy and secure path to homeownership.

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Our clients love us! If you want to know what “Integrity” means to us, just read our reviews. We’re proud of what our customers have to say about our brokerage. We hold our agents to a high standard, and it shows.

Dante Lenzi
Dante Lenzi
Jenipher Acosta , very professional, and on time , thanks for your help
Loren Marks
Loren Marks
I was looking to sell my mobile home in Clearwater FL and around the same time 5 other neighbors homes had went up for sale. It seemed as soon as they went up they were sold! They all had one thing in common..a SOLD sign in front with Michelle Johnson from Integrity. So I figured she was the way to go! I'm glad I followed my gut because she proved to be an example of how anyone should be doing business. PROFESSIONAL, DETERMINED, RELIABLE, RESPECTFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY and FRIENDLY....she is a great person who really cares about her clients and has their best interest at heart! This woman does not miss a beat! For anyone looking to sell OR purchase a moble home, I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Michelle Johnson at Integrity!
Leslie Brege
Leslie Brege
I had the pleasure of working with Deborah LaJoie for the purchase of my home. Deborah is very knowledgeable and professional and she gets things done. I was a nervous wreck and she handled my questions with. compassion and understanding. She arranged all the details and my entire experience went very smoothly. I highly recommend using Deborah for your real estate needs. Thank you Deborah, you helped make my dreams of owning my perfect new home come true! …Leslie Jeanne Brege
John Cuff
John Cuff
We worked with Deborah LaJoie and she is awesome. Very responsive and detailed oriented. We will use her again. She is a professional!
Kristal Williams
Kristal Williams
Connie Dabney was wonderful to work with! She was always so professional, friendly, and easy to talk to. It was always easy to communicate with her and she kept us informed as we went along. We are 900 miles away and she made buying a home very easy.
Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson
If you're looking for a Realtor who goes "above and beyond" what you'd expect...Andrew Harmon is who you want to work with! We called the phone number listed on the "FOR SALE" sign on a place we were interested in, and within minutes Andrew called us back and set an appointment. He followed through with working with us and the seller, and within a couple of days we were owners of the place we really wanted! Plus, after the sale, Andrew kept in contact and helped us coordinate appointments with local people on things we wanted to "update" before moving into our future winter home, as we're from up north and didn't know who to contact. Andrew even met the people at our new place to make sure the work was done right... We'd give ANDREW HAROM "Ten Stars" if we could. I'm sure Andrew will share my cell number if you'd like to visit more about our experience. Lee & Pam Nelson-Moorhead MN/Ellenton FL.
Shelly Calvin
Shelly Calvin
Jenipher Acosta was amazing and a pleasure to work with. She was super responsive and made the process as easy as possible
Linda LaRose
Linda LaRose
If anyone wants to sell their Mobile Home, Joey is the man! He has the persistence and drive to get through any obstacles and get the job done! This is so rare these days. I appreciate him for all of his knowledge and abilities. I'm also truly grateful for what he did in selling my home and handling all of the minor and major inconveniences that were coming in on this project of mine...of selling my mobile. He went ABOVE and BEYOND! I would recommend Joey Owens HIGHLY and to not look for anyone else when going to sell your mobile home. Thank You Joey!!!

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Marisa S.
Read More
"I was in the process of trying to sell my mobile home by owner and was getting frustrated. I came across Lance and Integrity Mobile Home Sales and I couldn't be happier. They got the job done quickly and easily and even helped get the buyer approved. Excellent communication throughout the whole process. Don't hesitate to call them."
Thomas P.
Read More
"The name says it all, Integrity! If you are looking to buy or sell a mobile home this is definitely the place to go! A leading name in Florida mobile home sales with agents across the state to serve all of your mobile home needs. They are responsive, knowledgeable, helpful and have a vast array of resources to market and sell your home quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Integrity Mobile Home Sales!"
Joanne G.
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"Integrity Mobile Home Sales is awesome. They truly operate in integrity. Gloria House was kind, patient and she worked hard to get my house listed & sold…got the job done in two days!! She handled every detail the only thing I had to do was leave her the key she took care of everything else from listing to closing. I’m going to ask her for a bunch of cards because I’ll be referring her to everyone I know that wants to buy or sell a mobile home. She gives 150% to her customers and treat them like royalty. I couldn’t be happier!!"
Amberlynn G.
Read More
Amazing company! I fully recommend going with Jim Smith, or George as your realtor. They didn’t just sell our house, they got emotionally, & physically invested with the sale of our house. Even after closing continued to check in to see if we found a new place, safely, & successfully moved. They made a nearly impossible to sell house, get sold. Also Michelle Johnson was a showing agent to us with a house we sadly did not get park approved for, but she was kind, accommodating, & very knowledgeable on the property.
Sadie J.
Read More
INTEGRITY perfectly describes this place. Jenipher Acosta was SO THOROUGH in her communication, direction and SO patient with me asking the same questions over and over. LOL! What I bought is EXACTLY what I saw. No hidden terms, having to read between the lines, guesswork and other discrepancies I've dealt with before on trying to purchase property. I now have a darling little home I can have my Pops who is a Vietnam Veteran stay in and be comfortable in his last years. Thank you Jenipher for all your help.