Selling your Mobile Home in Florida

A Guide to Making Sense of the Mobile Home Market in the Modern Age

A guide to making sense of the mobile home market in the modern age

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How do I sell my mobile / manufactured home?” If you’re thinking about selling and feel nervous, we totally get it! Chances are that you have never sold a mobile home before, or at least haven’t sold one in the present market. Selling your home can be a daunting task with a lot of decisions to be made that determine the final payoff. The good news is that selling a mobile home can be a simple and hassle-free process.

We’ll look at many of the hurdles you’ll have to overcome to getting your home on the market and getting it sold for the price you want. There is a lot that goes into selling a mobile home and if you’re left with questions you can always contact us here.

A guide to making sense of the mobile home market in the modern age

A guide to making sense of the mobile home market in the modern age

Ask Yourself What You Want

The starting point in selling a home is deciding if you will go it alone or work with a mobile home broker. Some people choose to sell themselves thinking that a broker will cost them an arm and a leg or that there isn’t much benefit to selling with a company. It’s not impossible to sell a home as an individual, but it will certainly take much longer and you won’t have an ally in negotiating the final price.

A mobile home broker provides a much-needed partner in the selling process that takes care of all the work for a marginal fee. Mobile home brokers get more market exposure, know how to get the most out of every house, and sell faster than people on their own. After you include time lost from managing a home sale, lost exposure opportunity, and the weaker price, a broker is always a net plus to any sale. Ask yourself: what you want from your selling experience?

What can a Mobile Home Broker do for Me?

A mobile home broker does everything that you would do when selling except sign the papers. When you choose a reputable mobile home sales partner, you work with a dedicated agent. This agent will meet with you and inspect your mobile home, taking note of every selling point they know will pull full market value. The agent will do all the market research and talk with you about pricing, including price strategy in your local market.

A Quality Mobile Home Broker like Integrity offers you this:

  • Expert agents on-call who live and work locally
  • A robust exposure network including this website, other real estate MLS sites, and social media advertising
  • Agent-managed open houses and guided tours
  • All calls and other requests for information are handled by the agent
  • Selling materials such as brochures, virtual tours, promotional videos, and leaflets
  • Long-term sales support through the whole process – call your agent anytime to talk about pricing or check on progress
  • Management of the sale financially, both protecting you from scams and making sure you don’t miss anything important like notarization (which we can do in-house!)

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