Why Florida?

Why Florida?

Florida has a lot to offer

and it's not that hard to get in on the action

Florida is a state unlike any other. We have the longest coastline of any state in the contiguous United States with multiple distinct regions. Our state is warm year-round and if even a single snowflake falls it makes national news. Our economy is built around serving YOU whether you want to come for a visit or make the state your home. We think that as you read on you'll start to appreciate Florida for what it offers and we hope you will consider making the step that many here at Integrity have personally made already. That's right, a lot of us chose to move here too!

Ice and Snow?

Here it's just T-shirt weather and snow cones!

Of the many reasons people choose to move to Florida, escaping the bitter cold is perhaps the most common one. When in a place like New York or Michigan it's so cold that your freezer is warmer than outdoors, there's people down here going to the beach. Ok, we'll admit that it gets chilly here too - you might have to put something on over your T-shirt. Let the following list inform how you imagine your life in Florida.

  • You will take your snow shovel to the thrift store - did you know that every year the most heart attacks happen in winter? Why is that? The cold weather slows you down and you're forced to go outside and shovel your driveway. It's a lot of work and it's the last thing anyone should be doing on the wiser side of 55. If you want to know what it's like to live here, just think of this: I once saw a snow shovel in a pawn shop, it was selling for $5 and the tag said "big sand shovel."
  • Your car always starts - cold weather kills car batteries, here in Florida they'll last twice as long. People born here take it for granted that their car always starts - so much so that quite a few of them don't even know how to jump one.
  • The gas company is a thing of the past - if a home in Florida has natural gas, it's for cooking. If you've ever had to call someone out because your furnace was on the fritz, just know it's not a universal issue. The only utilities in Florida you generally have to worry about are power and water. Since we're talking about utilities, water isn't an issue because the entire state is littered with aquifers.
  • You'll turn your winter wardrobe into a tax deduction - one of the most common mistakes people make when moving to Florida is bringing their winter clothing. You'll be wearing September clothing in January! If you make the mistake of bringing all that bulky stuff with you, remember this article when you're at a thrift store donating it.

It's Cheaper to Live Here

You probably thought we'd talk about beaches now...

We know you know about beaches, but do you know about no state income tax?


A lot of people think moving to Florida is all about living up some kind of fantasy. Everyone's seen the "good life" - maybe you've seen friends posting about boats and sand on social media. What we think you'll be most interested in is how much money you could save.

Florida has no state income tax!

The state of Florida relies solely on sales tax and corporate taxes for its revenue, meaning that anyone with a stable income flow can live comfortably here. If you live on a pension or other fixed income, the state won't take a cut before you spend it. The state's large tourist industry is where the money really comes from, not the little guy.

Homestead Tax Exemption

All the way back in 1934 the State of Florida voted to enact a tax credit to every resident's primary residence. The people then, as now, thought owning a home should be encouraged through financial protections. Not only is there a base tax cut for a primary residence, there are special rights reserved for homeowners including property protections.

If you're over 65, a veteran, disabled, a teacher, or first responder you could also be eligible for further tax cuts under Florida's pro-homeowner tax laws. Many Floridians opt to move into a manufactured home, in no small part because the low cost coupled with a few tax cuts and no income tax makes for easier living.