Want the best offers for your home? Stage it!

image of mobile home with an overlay graphic of stage curtains

Staging is one of the best ways to get the highest offer possible when selling your home.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of making your home look picture perfect prior to listing.

Staging generally entails:

  • decluttering
  • removing pets during showings and in photos
  • cleaning the home
  • basic repairs
  • increasing curb appeal
  • depersonalizing the home

Basic staging can be done without the assistance of a staging company (rearranging furniture, removing clutter, etc.) however, hiring one can be beneficial in getting the best possible result. If your home is empty, staging companies can even bring in furniture and decoration.

What are the benefits?

The National Association of Realtors has collected and published data on the benefits of home staging. According to their data, 47% of agents stated that staging has an impact on most buyers’ opinions of a home. 82% of agents stated that staging has made it easier for buyers to visualize the property as a future home.

Staging resulted in a higher dollar value offer in 49% of cases, while it resulted in no change in 26% of cases. The agent was unsure 25% of the time.

The length of time prior to home sale was affected the most. Over 50% of agents said they saw a decrease in time on the market in a home that has been staged.

At the bottom line, buyers are most likely to purchase a home that they can imagine themselves living in.

What are the next steps?

Data suggests that now is an advantageous time to sell your home in Florida! Staging your home has a high probability of getting you higher offers and/or a quicker sale for your home. If you do choose to stage your home, there are many companies located in Ellenton, FL and the surrounding area that can get you the results you’re looking for. Talk to your agent and let them know you’re thinking about home staging. Don’t have an agent? Check out our list of helpful and professional agents at Integrity!