What March Brings!!!

March brings the promise of warmer days just ahead of us. But did you know the “M” in March stands for Mobile Home community living? Along with the birth of fresh buds blooming, mobile home parks blossom with new beginnings also!

What’s So Great You Ask?

  • Affordability – land rentals are generally lower than mortgage payments, apartment rent, AND no more hefty property taxes. Many mobile home parks include water, sewer & garbage in the lot rent.
  • Minimal maintenance – generally, the lot rent also includes grass cutting so more great news…mowing is a thing of the past.
  • No shared walls with neighbors –beating the ceiling with a broom handle is an annoyance of the past!
  • Location – most parks are within convenient distance to dining, shopping and medical facilities.
  • Environment – parks often include serene views of ponds and lakes with mature trees and foliage.
  • Lifestyle – Community perks can include pools, fitness centers, boating, golf, tennis, shuffleboard, and a list of planned activities. Boredom is a rarity in a mobile home community! ????
  • Pets are usually welcomed – when considering a mobile home purchase, always check with the park office for any pet restrictions.

These features in of themselves, make a mobile home purchase a wise choice. But so much more awaits!

With spring fast approaching, welcome March as the time to welcome a new beginning.  Visit a diverse array of communities with mobile homes. One is waiting just for you to MARCH right into!

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