What March Brings!!!

March brings the promise of warmer days just ahead of us. But did you know the “M” in March stands for Mobile Home community living? Along with the birth of fresh buds blooming, mobile home parks blossom with new beginnings also!

What’s So Great You Ask?

  • Affordability – land rentals are generally lower than mortgage payments, apartment rent, AND no more hefty property taxes. Many mobile home parks include water, sewer & garbage in the lot rent.
  • Minimal maintenance – generally, the lot rent also includes grass cutting so more great news…mowing is a thing of the past.
  • No shared walls with neighbors –beating the ceiling with a broom handle is an annoyance of the past!
  • Location – most parks are within convenient distance to dining, shopping and medical facilities.
  • Environment – parks often include serene views of ponds and lakes with mature trees and foliage.
  • Lifestyle – Community perks can include pools, fitness centers, boating, golf, tennis, shuffleboard, and a list of planned activities. Boredom is a rarity in a mobile home community! ????
  • Pets are usually welcomed – when considering a mobile home purchase, always check with the park office for any pet restrictions.

These features in of themselves, make a mobile home purchase a wise choice. But so much more awaits!

With spring fast approaching, welcome March as the time to welcome a new beginning.  Visit a diverse array of communities with mobile homes. One is waiting just for you to MARCH right into!

A Mobile “Home is Where the Heart Is”!

So many different types of homes to consider. Single family, condo, apartment, town home, villa, duplex, castle, mansion, log cabin, and let’s not forget the houseboat or igloo. For some, a simple tent is just fine.

But one type of home has become increasingly popular: A MOBILE HOME!

Mobile homes are the fastest growing trend for home ownership…and for good reason. Compared to traditional homes, mobile home ownership and maintenance prices fall far below the cost of any other home type, with exception to the tent and igloo. (Although, I’ve never priced an igloo?)

Design options also attribute to mobile home popularity. Porches, garages, designer driveways, and sun-kissed patios are just some of the exterior features to fall in love with.


Spatial windows, tray ceilings, well-equipped kitchens, deluxe bathrooms, etc., all add to the magnetism of mobile home living.

Mobile home communities will also steal your heart, with many offering a plethora of resort-style activities. What’s YOUR favorite pastime? Boating, fishing, tennis, exercise, swimming? Or would you rather relax amid the sounds of nature from your screened lanai?

No matter how you wish to spend your days, there’s a mobile home park to fit your lifestyle… and a mobile home to capture your heart!

Woo-hoo! February is dedicated to cards, candy, flowers, and love poems for valentines! It’s also the perfect time to explore all the “love options” mobile home living offers you!


Mobile Home Mania

Finding affordable housing has become more challenging than ever. The cost of a median home is simply unrealistic for many folks’ budgets and the ever-rising cost of living sure puts the squeeze on retirees. These factors, along with an increasing desire to “down-size”, have added serious steam to the latest mobile home frenzy. Recent statistics indicate that an estimated 20 million Americans are currently living in mobile homes. AND…. they’re loving it!

So, what are the benefits of mobile home ownership?

Glad you asked! ????

Mobile homes range from a smaller sized home… to a sprawling home, that is pre-built. No need to wait months for builders. And there’s unlimited styles to satisfy everyone’s’ taste and budget.

Manufactured homes are not only less costly to purchase, they’re less expensive to maintain. Join the mobile home renaissance and say “bye-bye” to paying hefty tax bills as well.

No noise blaring from raucous tenants. Yep, no more shared walls or bumping into grouchy neighbors in the elevator. Common halls, shared walkways, and mile away carports are things of the past.  And with privacy comes “serenity”.  And with serenity, comes peace.

One word: unlimited. Mobile homes offer floor plans ranging from simple and comfy to insanely plush!

Two words: the best! Whether you own the land or purchase a home and pay monthly lot rent, abundant amenities are included! If you’re a boater or just love water views, parks located on lakes, rivers, etc. are ideal for you! More of a landlubber that enjoys invigorating dips in the pool/sauna? No problemo. Mobile home communities are brimming with “no, you won’t get bored living here” activities: swimming, golf, tennis, billiards, libraries, community events… AND by the way, donate lawn mowers to your last neighbor. As a resident in a mobile home park, cutting grass is NOT one or your activities. Just listening to them is!

Considering just some of the many benefits, it makes perfect sense that a mobile home triumphs as a favorable choice for a fantastic lifestyle.

With so much allure, simply follow your heart. It just might lead you HERE!

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Mobile Home:
When deciding whether to purchase a mobile home or a site-built home,it is essential to weigh the pros and cons. While there may sometimes be some bias regarding mobile home ownership, there are many good reasons as to why they may prove to be an excellent option for many.
1. Usually Better Than Renting: Many purchase a mobile home as their retirement home because they can’t afford a “regular” house and it makes more sense than renting. Because of a less expensive mortgage payment combined with property taxes, insurance and maintenance, it is likely you will end up spending much less than what it is to rent a decent apartment. This is also contingent upon whether you buy or rent the lot upon which your mobile home sits.
2. Mobile Homes on Land Appreciate Similar to Other Homes: As many discovered a decade ago, real estate does not always increase in value! But when home prices are rising in a given area, mobile home values go up with them. You may want to consider purchasing an older mobile home, because most depreciation on the structure itself will have passed.
3. House Crashing Insurance: Proportionality of gains is true of losses in value as well. Basically, a 15% drop in value is $45,000 on a $300,000 home and only $9,000 on a $60,000 mobile home. Additionally, because people always have to live somewhere, lower-priced homes generally fall less in value. If you suspect housing prices are topping out, it may make more sense financially to purchase a mobile home just to keep your real estate investments at a minimum.
4. They Make Excellent Retirement/Vacation Homes: A mobile home can make a great retirement or vacation home for many because of lower prices, smaller mortgage loans, lower maintenance costs and are less of a financial risk. Furthermore, if you want to move into a site-built home eventually, you can always keep your mobile home and take in rental income!
5. Fire Safety: A study issued by the National Fire Protection Association in July of 2011 shows both the occurrence of fire and fire-related injury rate is lower in manufactured homes than site-built homes. The superior fire safety is due to the requirements of the Health and Safety provisions of the HUD code which are more stringent than those set by the IRC code

Why Manufactured Homes are Great For Retirees

Manufactured homes, sometimes associated with the poor reputation of mobile homes from the past, are actually just as safe, reliable and sturdy as traditional homes. They also happen to be an excellent option for retirement for multiple reasons!

They are less expensive: For many of those retiring nowadays, housing costs are the primary concern. The retiree might be on a fixed income or just might be hoping to obtain equity when downsizing. Some may even purchase a manufactured home as second vacation home! If you don’t want to rent an apartment, purchasing a manufactured home may be a great compromise. Additionally, they sell on average for $48 per square foot. That’s less than half the national average ($101) traditionally-built homes sell for. To put it simply, you get more house for less money!

They are attractive: Modern manufactured homes are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. In fact, many of them look like their traditionally-built counterparts! From vinyl siding to beautiful bay windows to gorgeous landscaping, the option of high end details are just one of the many reasons today’s manufactured homes have curb appeal. The interior of these homes are no different, with options for fireplaces, granite counters, vaulted ceilings and more. Many communities also include lawn maintenance which is perfect for those with limited mobility!

They last: Modern manufactured homes last nearly or just as long as traditionally-constructed homes.

They are environmentally friendly: Because manufactured homes are built inside temperature and humidity controlled facilities rather than outside in the elements, they require less protected and produce less construction waste while being built. This plays a significant factor as to why they are less expensive to build than other types of homes.

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